A novel procedure

Bespoke 3D printed hips

With a custom-fit hip prosthesis from a 3D printer, the orthopaedists in Hildesheim are helping a patient towards a pain-free future.
Custom-fit prostheses can be created with state-of-the-art laser technology.

Due to a deformity, for almost her entire life, Antzelina Kesidi from Cyprus could move her hips only with a lot of pain. The Cypriot was born with a congenital hip dysplasia. Which means that her hip bone had not ossified properly in infancy. Also, one of her legs was five centimetres shorter than the other. Therefore, already at the age of 24, she got the first hip prosthesis on both sides implanted in Russia, and the second one, eight years later in Greece.

A life-like replica of the patient's pelvis was created on the 3D printer from plastic, which served as a template for the hip prosthesis.

However, she got lasting help only at the HELIOS Hospital Hildesheim – with a novel method, which has so far been used in only five HELIOS clinics: Using a medical 3D printer of a Belgian company, the orthopaedists got a custom-fit hip implant made for the 40-year old.
The centrepiece of this method is a medical 3D printer, with which the orthopaedists get a custom-fit hip implant made. For this, first of all, the images of the hips were generated using computer tomography.

According to this template, a life-like replica of the pelvis was created in the printer, layer by layer, using a special laser technology.

Happy at last, she can now romp around with her son: Antzelina Kesidi with Chief physician, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Wippermann.

Finally, a titanium prosthesis was created according to this plastic model and implanted into the patient. "I am impressed, how perfectly it fits", says Prof. Dr. Burkhard Wippermann, chief physician of the Clinic fur Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery. "Ms. Kesidi can now look towards a pain-free future."

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